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Art In the workplace.

Art has the power to provide many benefits to the workplace. From increasing productivity to improving moods, art has many benefits and is a necessity to anyone that wants to improve productivity and the health of employees. For example, art can increase how ofte

n employees interact with each other. An art piece in the workplace promotes discussion about that art piece which can lead to a conversation between two or more employees, this is excellent for team building and improving the general atmosphere of a workplace. Speaking of the atmosphere art can improve how a workplace feels, colourful art pieces can brighten up dull areas and bring improvements to the general mood of a place. This makes a workplace feel much more friendly, safe, and inviting which can improve employee work rates.

Art can also be used to help promote the values, goals, history, and story of a workplace, a lot of restaurants do this by having photographs of key moments in their history, their first store opening etc. This is an excellent way for visitors and employees to see key parts of the company’s history which in turn generates a strong understanding of the company.

Photos and artwork like this can also be used to demonstrate the company’s values and goals, through artwork positive messages, goals, and achievements can be shown faster and more effectively than they could be in writing. Art can inspire creative thinking which can boost an employee’s problem-solving skills. It can encourage employees to take more creative risks and experiment while learning processes of trial and error and learning to grow from mistakes.

Art has a very powerful and positive impact on people within workplaces as shown by numerous studies. It can boost someone’s mental wellbeing, and mood. Art is also proven to decrease levels of stress, anxiety, anger, fatigue, and general negativity. This is even more true for artwork with nature related themes which have been proven to have even stronger calming effects.

Art can even be used to help navigate workplaces, a painting next to a door could be used as an easily spotted landmark when giving people directions, for example a new starter looking for an office could be given directions based on artwork descriptions such as “turn left at the painting of the shipwreck and his office is right in front of you!”. Art can also be used to make a workspace look and feel more interesting. Would you rather be working while surrounded by dull solid-coloured walls, or walls filled with a variety of shapes and colours? Because I imagine most people would prefer to be surrounded by art and colour than boring nothingness. It’s also been proven in studies that surrounding yourself in art and colour like this can boost your productivity. In conclusion, art is something that is essential to any workplace! Whether it be a few framed pieces, or a mural spanning from the corner to corner of a wall! Art provides nothing but benefits to a workplace from employee health and happiness to productivity and is nothing but a necessity.


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