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Computer Generated Art

Computer generated art has recently blown up on various social media platforms such as TikTok. This type of art is where people can input a few words (prompt) into a program, and it will generate high-quality artworks within seconds based around those words.

These pieces are arguably better, in terms of quality, than most artists which beckons the question of whether they can replace artists in the future.

Pieces such as “Dream” to the left, are mass producible using software such as Wombo which can allow anyone to easily create masterpieces on their devives.

Computer Generated, Prompt: “Astralis”

This may be a fun and gimmicky app for some, but it has real world implications. Programs like this have affected the art industry, as pieces such as “Edmond de Belamy”,created by “Obvious” sold at auction for $432,500 whereas it’s estimated value was between $7,000-$10,000. It is signed at the bottom right by:

which is a part of the algorithm code that produced it.

Edmond de Belamy, belongs to a series of generative images called La Famille de Belamy

There have already been many computer-generated digital art exhibitions such as ‘Morphogenetic Creations’ designed by Andy Lomas at the Watermans Arts Centre in 2016

Morphogenetic Creations, a computer-generated

digital art exhibition using programmed

algorithms by Andy Lomas

Although computer generated art has had a big rise in popularity, I doubt they will take over artists anytime soon. There is much less control when designing the outcome of algorithmic art, whereas artists have full control over their artworks, and are able to perfectly present whatever they envision onto a canvas. As shown here:

Prompt/Theme “Daisy Universe”:

Computer Generated Painted by Tanya Harr

Mini Computer-Generated Art Gallery:

Title: Sunny Beginnings

Prompt: Sunsets in the distance over the clouds

Title: Friendly Beast

Prompt: Ice Spirit and Frozen Combined

Title: Starry Dawn

Prompt: Starry skies fading into the galaxy

Title: Dreamy Mountain

Prompt: Flower Mountains

Wombo Dream - Create your own piece

About Me

My name is Uchenna, I am 17 years old and I am here at D31 Art Gallery as my placement for work experience. Art is something I've had the pleasure of experiencing throughout my life, and the place it occurs the most for me is within video games which could also be expressed as an art form in itself. In my spare time I play video games with my friends, and mess around with computers, programming and game development.

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