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Focus on Marie Lindley - Behind the abstraction!

Shapes and forms.

We are pleased to present Marie Lindley, a Doncaster based abstract expressionist artist whose works have graced many exhibitions in the UK. Her expressionism style often hints at sculptural forms amongst other things. An artist who is self-influenced, Marie also derives inspiration from the renowned Barbara Hepworth and David Smith in their capacities as talented draughts people and as sculptors’ -amongst many others.

Other influences in her work are derived from a range of iconic artists from Howard Hodgkin to Picasso, from self-expression of moods, from music and to nature. Marie often experiments with mixed media and does not confine herself in what she produces and likewise does not allow restriction with where the inspiration comes from.

An avid lover of nature and the seaside, Marie is hugely inspired by her many rural dog walks with her energetic Husky within the landscape of England, as well as brisk walks along the cold North Sea with her partner. Seascape paintings, whether abstracted or not are usually driven by memories of her time spent living by the coasts in Australia -especially the piece within the ‘Togetherness’ exhibition titled ‘Nautical Twilight’.

Linear outlines can often infiltrate her work, sometimes dominating with thick heavy nuanced lines or subtle gentle curvatures which drive the viewers eye around the composition.

Color seems to be an important factor to any of her abstract pieces, to assert a mood or maybe to guide and influence your own mood as a viewer.

The structure of her work, the linear detail, shapes, and overall detail suggest elements of the arc of the human eye, influenced by her day job of being an optical assistant, this sweeping image often imprinting on her artistic mind and influencing her style.

Some of Marie’s’ work diversely suggests the cosmic world that envelopes us, such as the Acrylic painting ‘Planets Aligning’ in this ‘Togetherness’ exhibition. With an avid interest in anything Astronomical you can often find circles or spherical bodies appearing as a main focal point or just slightly alluded to.

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