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How to make your own NFT

If you are reading this post I am assuming you know what a NFT is, if otherwise you can read the post I made about what a NFT is here.

If you're an artist and your looking for a good platform to learn how to make your own NFT

you can go on here. This is a module around 2 hours long explaining the ins and outs of the NFT market.

By the end you will be able to:

  • Distinguish between a 'hot' and 'cold' wallet

  • Analyse the market trends of NFTs on different platforms

  • Outline essential tips and tricks on how to deal with your NFTs and crypto coins

  • Discuss how to create awareness for your NFTs

  • Explain how to use popular platforms for buying, minting and selling NFTs

  • Describe how blockchain technology works

  • Explain how to change any piece of art into an NFT

The course is completely free, and there is an end of module test once you have finished the course. There is an optional certificate that you can purchase at the end of the course accredited by the CPD.

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