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Janet Wallace - The Boldness of Energy and Form

Janet Wallace is an exciting emerging mixed media abstract artist based in Doncaster. She uses bold colours, geometric shapes, nature, the universe, and human form to create both abstract and abstract realism pieces. Through abstract painting Janet is on a deeper exploration of self,

‘I knew that to be a better artist, I had to dig deep and challenge myself to acknowledge and accept the person I am to become. I have always had great communication skills but talking about my deeper feelings has always been difficult, for fear of rejection. I want to connect with you and art is the way for me to do that. Connection is what we all truly want’.

Working with the archetypes of explorer, hero and lover, Janet is exploring new ways of expressing the self and emotions. Discovering more deeply her own personal connection with the senses of the human connection and universal energy. Elements of sensuality, uniqueness warrior blondness.

‘As a mixed race, gay woman I feel there is a lot to behold, love and joy in this life. I want to celebrate my existence in both the human AND light energy form. I want to use all the colours to show who we are in our true hues, in all the colours. Bravely, proudly. We are boundless and ultimately create our own unique world’s that merge with countless others. What a joy it is to truly feel alive, be free and live boldly in this universe of ours’.

As a child, Janet had a love for dance, colour and music. And this influences her work today. There is a vibrancy in her paintings that brings you to stop and smile, drift away, just because it looks cool. Each piece is as unique as Janet is soft, bold, vibrant and daring. Her inspirations are Moe Brooker, Sam Gillam, Callen Schaub, Jono Dry, Esther Mahlangu, Jean – Michel Basquait, Diamitra & Elli Milan. Each of these artists has a strength. Delicacy and boldness, to be simple and free, loose or true to form. Line or non-conformity speak to her especially. The chaos and harmony. The universe, astronomy, sacred geometry and Creation are nature’s truest form and is in each one of us and will always be my inspiration.

In a short time, Janet has accumulated the honourable accolade of being one of the first black artists to be permanently displayed at University of York alongside Barbara Hepworth and Sydney Nolan. Janet is on permanent display at D31 Art Gallery and is a proud associate member with both long and shortlist achievements in many art completions in the UK, sells art both nationally and internationally. And her first solo exhibition comes in September 2021.

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