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Jo Smith: Art that invites to be felt

Joanna (or Jo) Smith is primarily a fibre artist. She works in multimedia; Merino wool and Batik, Lino printing, other fibre media. Using its flexibility and diversity of texture, it’s easy to make vibrant, three-dimensional, durable, artworks. By her words “An exciting media, because you can do so much with it.”

While she specialises in merino wool, Jo has also shown proficiency and practice in painting projects. Due to the nature of the materials, each piece is unique and striking in its own, individual, way.

Jo begun her art adventure when she was just a child, leading forward to her discovery of fibre art five years ago. After she got a degree in Crafts from Cumbria Art and Design College.

They were inspired by Moy Makay. She is a fantastic fibre artist from Scotland famed for her vibrancy.

Key aspects to her art include the encouragement of the viewer to be engaged. To touch and examine the artwork as much as possible, contrary to the commonality.

Family have been increasingly supportive of the artist’s career choice as of late. This, however, is not her only employment. She also works for a large charity that supports those with learning difficulties in their own homes.

While I was unable to meet Jo for an in-depth interview, I have tried to find any of the questions that are key to understanding what makes them tick.

Jo’s new goal for this year is to introduce Doncaster to the joy of creation and viewership of art.

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