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Meet our current artist in Residency: MAURICE GRAHAM HAWKINS

What inspired you to become an artist? My love of nature and drawing inspired me to become an artist. I describe myself as Re-emerging because I previously qualified, exhibited and did commission tapestries. Describe your art style...

Now in my senior years, I work as a contemporary artist with specialist techniques, have paintings with international collectors and have been selected for exhibitions; Painting nearly every day, with a serious ambition to create original pieces of distinction that generations can enjoy.

How many people visit your Solo Exhibition Space on a weekly basis? I would easily estimate three hundred serious art lovers visiting every week and from such a diverse culture as well.

Describe your residency experience... The opportunity and privilege it has been to do a solo exhibition at D31 Frenchgate has meant so much to me. Any serious artist wanting their first solo exhibition must consider this location. I have had commuters popping in whilst changing trains; Many visit from Manchester, Sheffield and Leeds. It’s a proper good place to be! Solo exhibitions are special as you feel verified hearing customers recognise your creative intentions. I have been fortunate to sell many pieces too, but the main reward is realising how many art lovers there are and they will be looking at your work.

Do you have any advice to give to other artists who choose to do a residency? I would advise getting well prepared with at least 20 to 30 good pieces. With being in a shop, it’s great as customers come in for a chat and most love to hear all those painting stories. The team at D31 will support you all the way, visit them at 13 Scot lane, they are good genuine people. D31 provides so many avenues for artists and we all must respect and support the hard work that has created this gallery.


Are you interested in being an Artist in Residency with D31 Art Gallery? Register your interest today by sending us an email:

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