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Paul "Moose" Curtis - Graffiti Or Not Graffiti?

Paul Curtis, or Moose as known by many of his fans, is an English street artist based around Leeds. While his current art expression is in his own style of graffiti, which we will discuss more later, his roots were set in music.

In fact, Moose was one of the founding members of the Leeds-based Record Label "SoundClash". He has DJ'ed multiple times as well as promoted for the label many times across the globe.

As for his career as an artist, this begun at an early age. By his own telling, he worked at a smoke-friendly restaurant as a teenager. While cleaning the nicotine-stained walls, he was struck by inspiration. Many years later, he picked up a shoe brush and pressure washer. Using these tools, he set to work on a dirt-covered wall and created a beautiful scene.

This idea of "Reverse Graffiti" might seem simple to some, as many children have a habit of scraping dirt away from unwashed cars or windows. However, this early expression of artistic expression is a standard among many growing children or young artists.

This work is only temporary, as the underpasses that Moose blesses with his work with have much traffic. The soot from the engines will build back up onto the concrete walls and conceal the works created. But while it's there, the artwork is a fleeting sight of beauty.

While Moose has had multiple incidents with the police, no charges have been pressed. As he puts it, it is "Like arresting a child for drawing in the sand with a stick."

Photo credit: Paul "Moose" Curtis

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