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Phil Searle. A Scene To Be Believed.

Phil Searle is a photographer, born in Cornwall. As tribute to this, in exhibitions he always displays at least one piece from the area he grew up in. He first began experimenting with an old Zenith film camera in his teen years, learning as he went and through trial and error, he now has a much deeper understanding of his camera and what he aims to achieve. 40 years later, though, by his own admission, he still has much to learn, often through experimentation and changing his methodology. Photography has always been part of his life and Phil is grateful that it has led to him to some amazing experiences such as being the lead photographer for ParalympicsGB at the Paralympics in London, official photographer of the Oxford-Cambridge Boat Race and the TeamEngland photographer at the Commonwealth Games in Melbourne. His work has appeared in newspapers, magazines, websites and on TV as well as appearing full screen in the multi Oscar winning film “Slumdog Millionaire” Phil is inspired by many things, including the world around him. Open landscapes and cities that he visits on his travels are counted among them. In Phil’s words: “Other inspirations come from images I “see” in my head which I then try to photograph. And my best work often comes when I’m just out for a stroll rather than when I set out to take photos. I shoot in digital, enabling me to experiment both as I take the picture and afterwards on my laptop.”

Phil has exhibited with the D31 gallery in the past, in our 2020 "Togetherness" exhibition.

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