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PRESS RELEASE: D31 Art Gallery Donates to Doncaster Royal Infirmary.

A Doncaster based Art Gallery Donate Over 60 pieces of original Artworks worth Thousands of pounds to Doncaster Royal Infirmary

Local, National and international artists brighten the walls of the hospital

On September 30, 2020, the walls of Doncaster Royal Infirmary came alive with beautiful and bright pieces of art in a wonderful new project by members of the D31 Art Gallery and friends.

The donations, inspired by Chinwe Russell’s works titled “NHS Rocks” created in honour of the incredible work the NHS and the medical staff does worldwide spearheaded this project. Her desire to support her sister who is an NHS doctor as well as her colleagues led other artists to donate works to this cause.

Chinwe had recently visited the hospital and had seen how dull and uninteresting some of the corridors were, so put a call out to the members of D31 Art Gallery and to local, national and international Artists and friends of the gallery

‘Let’s brighten up those corridors and maybe create some smiles’

The result was outstanding and within a couple of weeks, donations of original artworks in excess of sixty pieces were received.

On seeing the team from the D31 art gallery hanging up the artworks in the hospital corridors, one incredibly happy visitor commented “What an amazing thing to do, it really brightens up the corridor”

The Idea behind the project is to bring something different to the hospital, especially as many people have suffered with their mental health over the last seven months. The artists wanted to create a bright and happy environment for the staff, patients and visitors to the hospital.

This latest project in honour of our NHS heroes by the visual art community has brought a smile to many patients and staff at the Doncaster Royal infirmary.

Chinwe and her curational team, Richard Appleby and Kim Farr, with the incredible assistance of the estate and facilities department at the hospital organized and curated the hanging of the work. ang.

As the artworks were hung one after the other, the walls gradually came alive to the joy and amazement of the hospital users.

Some of the artists who donated their works included Padmini Manjunath, Alison Watson, Maia Weerdmeester, David Williams, William Sculthorpe, Terry Chipp, Bob Ng, and several others.

Chinwe Russell and Kim Farr with a member of Doncaster Royal Infirmary’s Estate and Facilities team

Chinwe Russell came up with the idea of the donation to the hospital

The Artwork has created a substantial private collection for the hospital and the team are looking to expand this project to other areas of the Doncaster Royal infirmary and possibly neighboring hospitals as well.

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