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This weeks Featured Artist... BIANCA TURNER


Turner is a self-taught artist; she holds degrees in economics and biology. Her paintings hang in private and corporate international collections, and at Haegeumgang Museum in South Korea. Her work has been featured in various art publications.

Describe yourself in 5 sentences... "1. Disciplined - being an intellectual with a PhD in economics, I allocate a certain amount of hours/week to work on my artist's marketing plan and the rest of the time every day I spend at least 10 hours painting to develop my artistic skills. 2. Accountable - I am never late with any type of project, either it's curating an exhibition, helping a gallery or preparing myself for an art exhibition. I do not procrastinate things and people who know me can count on me to get the job done. 3. Friendly - since I became a full-time artist I've met a lot of other artists from around the world. Some of them were not friendly at all due to their fame. In my opinion, an artist, as any other person should be humble, modest and learn something new from every person that s/he meets. This can be achieved only with having a friendly attitude. I also take feedback in a better way and not in a bitter way because this is the only way to grow spiritually. 4. Creative - If I don't paint daily I feel that I did not have a break to meditate and enjoy life. For me, painting is my daily escape to be in a permanent vacation. 5. Experienced - I am very passionate about learning from different areas of interests; therefore, I am knownledgeable in many disciplines and I strive to apply what I learn to my daily experience regarding life, world, and art. "

What gets your creative juices flowing? / How does inspiration come to you? " I find inspiration in anything from one word heard on the news to reading the stock market's fluctuations; however, my creativity really gets activated by different causes and societal issues that are surrounding me. When I see injustice being done, the violation of human rights, inequality between people, any type of abuse that puts a person down either mentally or phisycally, tyranny practiced by the autocratic regimes, climate change issues, etc. I KNOW that it's time for me to send a message through my art and to fight against all the evil things done by humans to the world and to our planet. "

Why do you create art? " I believe that every individual should have (and also understand) the responsability to be the hope for the future generations. I myself can do it through the art that I create, an art with a strong and provocative message. I definitely want to be part of being the hope for my public, not only nowadays, but many years after I'm not here, anymore."

What has been the highlight of your career so far? "The highlight of my artistic career so far was to be part of the International Association of Visual Arts UNESCO and the highlight of my career in general was to be selected as one of the "Top 30 women leaders to look out for in 2023", by The NYC Journal."

What does your dream studio look like? "My dream studio would be outside, somewhere in Hawaii, in the middle of the rainforest, but also close to a secluded beach. It would look like a gazebo surrounded by screens to protect against the mosquitos and it would be painted in a green color to not disturb the beauty of the nature."

Where would you like your art to take you? "I would like to have my art sold in the most known auction houses in the world so I could afford to get my dream studio described above. "

How does your artwork relate to current issues in the world? "Lately I've been painting a lot of art that addresses the issues of the war that was unleashed by Russia against Ukraine, art that depicts the violation of human rights that currently is happening in so many places (just to name a few: Iran, Russia, Ukraine, Afghanistan) and art that speaks to everyone about diversity and globalization as being a good thing, so people don't lose their hope and never ever give up."

Does art always have to have a deeper meaning?

 "Art is a common language for the world, that's why it's important for the art to have a deep meaning so it can be understood by everyone. I think the best art is the one that creates strong emotions and sends to the public a valuable message." Who/what inspires you? Why?

 "I am not necessarily inspired by a particular artist although I do have a few artists that I admire a lot. However, I try no to look at too much art created by someone else because I do not want to unconsciouly copy an idea. For me, being original is the most important thing, as an artist. Every artist should get credit for their creations and I feel that it is not fair to have the creative seed planted in my mind by another painter withouth giving credit when credit is due. However, I am aware that almost everything was done before in the world of art but for me "art is the definition of the infinity" (Dr. Bianca Turner) and this is the reason why I prefer to create it straight from my imagination. "

What brings you joy? "Painting what my mind creates brings me a lot of joy. I could say that 363 days per year are full of joy for me so I consider myself a very blessed person."

How would you like to be remembered? "I would like to be remembered as a person who loved all of the human beings, the fauna and flora, respected this planet tremendously and tried to create a better world through her art." What would you say to your younger self? "Put passion in everything you do and do only what you love so you don't feel like working for the rest of your life."


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