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This weeks Featured Artist... KHALIL BOUBEKRI


Born in 1982 in Marrakech, Khalil Boubekri has been passionate about drawing, painting and sculpting since his earliest childhood.

Khalil Boubekri is an experienced artist with a style recognisable among all and with an overflowing creativity who likes to deepen the reflection and widen the field of possibilities.

In 2022, his artistic work was awarded by the Academy of Arts, Sciences and Letters of Paris.

Describe yourself... " I’m multidisciplinary artist focusing on raising awareness on the human way of thinking complexity, I‘m an artist by choice, autodidact and preparing an Art bachelor. Awarded form the Academy of art form Paris in 2022."

What gets your creative juices flowing? / How does inspiration come to you? " My creativity flows from the life experience, where everything seems simple at first sight but very complex when we do invest our self into it, the human mental is the perfect example for me."

Why do you create art? " I believe that we all are gifted, my gift is art, I m using it to create complex beauty that will, I hope, create a sparkle for others."

What has been the highlight of your career so far? " Distorted from the art path at the age of 16, I was back, after a brilliant career on multinationals on 2015, since that date, I exebited in Morocco, Canada and France, I was recognized one of the talented new artist in Morocco, I was awrded in 2022 form the academy of art in Paris, I participated in the first book for artists in Morocco and now I have a solo exhibition in Casablanca."

What does your dream studio look like? "My dream studio will be open to others, a place of exchange, typically in nature with good surrounding energy. Ideally in montane area.

Wide windows with huge doors all in raw materials. A huge and simple place intended to complex artwork."

Where would you like your art to take you? "I see myself with a universal art connecting humanity to a shared collective consciousness, exhibited in the largest galleries and accessible at the same time allowing the viewers to stop for a moment to connect to the present moment

I also see my sculptures that adorn public spaces, I see myself inspiring young people."

How does your artwork relate to current issues in the world? "My art is positioned in our era where artificial intelligence will appropriate the exact sciences, what will remain for human is introspection, we are on the doorstep of the century of introspection where man will have the time and the means to self-study and especially with regard to the mental and spiritual aspects.

My art is dedicated to this awakening, I draw the ideas, the thinking and how we interact with this mental exercise."

Does art always have to have a deeper meaning?

 "Art can be superficial, besides my approach is to seek beauty in beautiful and simple experimental work which will be deepened, if necessary, later with research work.

Deep art cannot exist without superficial art, art with a vocation for beauty." Who/what inspires you? Why?

 "Human mind and mental complexity, the fact that this is the only thing that differentiate ass from all species, I consider this as a kind of hidden message to us.

In all my artworks, the subject is more important than the technique.

I try to emphases the causality between the materiel world (sculpturing) and non materiel world (painting) and show how one shape the other."

What brings you joy? "To Retain the observer in front of my works, to generate a curiosity, an interest or even a criticism, the fact of creating something material from something immaterial, this power to give existence to immaterial concepts and to give them a existence in the material world, being the chosen one who has the power to be this bridge between the two worlds."

How would you like to be remembered? "This very simple person who with calm and passive force was able to positively change the lives of many other people."

What would you say to your younger self? "You did a great job, everything you could do and exactly what needed to be done, thank you for giving me the chance to be who I am today."


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