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This weeks Featured Artist... TIN STANTON


Tin Stanton is a creative artist from Bristol, currently studying MA Graphic Arts. His passion for creativity, together with his experience as an artist and photographer enable him to deliver the dramatic through the use of colour and light, giving his paintings an intrinsically cinematic feel.

Describe yourself in 5 sentences... " 1. First and foremost, I’m a creative, constantly dreaming up new ideas.

2. Born in England in the 1960s I have had a real love of art and design since I was young.

3. Now (much older!) I have managed to start to make my dreams come true, and I am free to create every single day!

4. Coming from a professional background in IT, design, and photography, I use various methods to produce my work, but always with passion and energy.

5. I’m currently studying on a full time MA Graphic Arts course in Bristol, but as I’m always creating I still find time to

paint brand new works on a frequent basis. "

What gets your creative juices flowing? / How does inspiration come to you? "I’m inspired by the natural world but also through loss and decay, so I can be as

inspired by a small piece of rust or crumbling building as I might be by a huge

sprawling vista. As a former photographer I continue to enjoy the process of taking photographs, and many of these end up inspiring my works. "

Why do you create art? "I can’t help it! My urge to create has been the single most important thing in my life. From music to photography, creative writing and obviously my artwork, I have always

had a vivid imagination and a craving to succeed, but it’s the process that I really enjoy. What’s better in life than making art?"

What has been the highlight of your career so far? "Being in the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition in 2022 was a big one for me. On top of that I was interviewed by the RA on the importance of highlighting climate change, which was shown on their website. Other highlights in the last few years have been a solo exhibition in the D31 Art Gallery in Doncaster and some artworks in London galleries, finishing my art degree with a first class result, and being on the television program Sky Landscape Artist of the Year 2023. " What does your dream studio look like? "I’m lucky enough to have a great home studio in my


apartment, and

being round, gives the illusion of being in a lighthouse,

so I’d either move my

apartment next to the sea, or preferably move into a real lighthouse!"

Where would you like your art to take you? "As a lover of our planet I understand the importance of a meagre living, so money has never been my goal. My dream is to continue to make art, and to make a difference, however small, especially to the people who see my climate change projects, and realise how much of life is for living, not shopping."

How does your artwork relate to current issues in the world? "Much of my work is extremely prevalent to the current issues we face on our planet. I am currently working on a brand-new project which takes my research to new levels, and I hope will raise awareness of the current climate crisis in an approachable and friendly manner. " Does art always have to have a deeper meaning?

 "I don’t think so. In fact, I create some very challenging works alongside those designed purely for enjoyment. We tend to think of ‘art’ as the (often challenging) paintings we see on gallery walls, but there are so many aspects to art, and so many strands that it always has a purpose, but not necessarily a deep meaning. Art is different for everyone, but as long as it serves its duty; to make you think, believe, wonder or even just smile, then it’s worthwhile." Who/what inspires you? Why?

 "When I was younger I was inspired by impressionist artists, but none so much as

the work of WM Turner. His use of colour and light, creating mood and dramatic

light effects has always been a love of mine, and through the teachings of Tom

Keating (a forger who went on to make a BBC series on painting in the 1980s) I

learned many of his techniques. Now I tend to be inspired by the nature of the landscape, and my ongoing pursuit to make sense of the human condition in relation to climate change."

What brings you joy? "Nature, film, travel, animals, music, art – so many things make me happy, but I

must admit I tend to like quiet, gentle pursuits, so you’re unlikely to find me near a nightclub or sports event! Oh, and selling a painting! Not for the monetary gain (though we all need it), but more for the fact that my painting has a home where it can be appreciated and loved."

How would you like to be remembered? "Kindly I suppose. I’m not too worried about how I’m remembered, but it would be lovely to think that my creative and research pursuits have made a very small difference in the world. "

What would you say to your younger self? "It has taken a long time for my confidence in what I do to come to the surface, so I guess I would tell my younger self to follow my dreams – and ignore what others

might think of you or those who try to get in your way! "


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