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Why you should invest in art

Owning an original piece of art is an incredible feeling. An original piece of art has a certain magic which cannot be explained. It is awe inspiring and mesmerizing. When you invest in an original piece of art, you are not only just buying the work, but you are acquiring a piece of the soul of the artist who created the work. Creating a piece of original art requires a huge amount of the artist’s soul and brain power. A very high level of deep concentration. When an artist creates a piece of work, they are often in a different head space, another dimension even. This is why it is very important to invest in original art as you are not just buying the object itself, but all the incredible energy which has gone into it. This is what makes a piece of art very unique.

It is important not to underestimate the importance that art has in the home. A few pieces of art placed strategically around the home not only adds style and elegance to your surroundings, but it also has a big impact on the mood of the occupants. It solicits conversation

Art is now widely used all over the world as a way to maintain a healthy mental health. Every art tells a story and the story changes each time you look at the piece. In order words, art is good for your mental health and you should surround yourself with it.

Art is also an amazingly good investment and we encourage everyone to have an art collection. Art is one of the rare sectors of our economy which thrives irrespective of the state of the world. This is because it defies definition. When you buy a piece of art today, the value goes up. This means that art is a fundamental way to grow your investments. Today, many organizations and private individuals have realized the importance of having an art collection with many of them working with art advisors to help them buy artwork for their collections, artworks that they then go on to resell in the future at great profits. They resell these pieces of art when the need to raise funds.

You find many charity organizations who do art auctions regularly to raise money for their work. This shows the incredibly important place that art occupies in the investment market.

You don’t need to have a huge amount of money to be able to start your personal art collection. You can invest at various levels. There are a wide range of artists working at various levels, from emerging artists, mid-career artists, established artists and very high-profile artists. This means that you can invest in very good quality art from £100 to several millions.

By investing in art, you are also supporting the artists community who play a key role in our society. The artist community is very unique. Artists are a special breed of people, often highly intelligent, with sometimes positively radical world views, artists are constantly using their work to comment on world events, their environment, as well as express a vast range of social, political, and economic viewpoints. Artists are the bedrock of any society as they are visual custodians of history and culture. Investing in art means investing in our cultures, in the history of the world and protecting it for posterity. In other words, artists make the society go round. They create an interest in their communities, they provide the point at which you begin.

This is why millions of tourists travel the world over to see works of art. Art therefore is the soul of the people and artists are the voice through which the soul speaks.

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