This series explores our current relationship with technology and theways in which it is changing our perception of ourselves, each other and what it means to be human. The expressively painted surface is contrasted with the precision of the laser cutter, which cuts the geometric compositions out of the abstract painting. The process of the works creation emphasises the integration of technology into our everyday life. Human and machine are contrasted with each to compose the finished, unified work.

Deconstructed, over-simplified and reconstructed out of painterly abstract shapes, the work reduces the face into an abstraction of geometric forms. Ageless, raceless and genderless; the subject holdsno belief or ideology, simultaneously showing everyone and no one, Exposing the loss of our humanity if we continue under our current technological model of surveillance capitalism. Whatever position you take, whoever you are, the work is of you and not you, everyone and no one. See yourself in another and them in you.

This work of art is offered for sale as part of the longlisted works for the D31 art prize 2021. Additional shipping charges may occur, depending on the shipping location. (Framing can be discussed if required) . If you have questions about this work, please contact us to discuss. Worldwide shipping is available.

Everyone & No One 2C - Lewis Deeney

  • Lewis Deeney

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