Description – This is the next in my series “Love Trees” which depicts trees in a long row, side by side, growing strong. When viewed from the side the trees appear to be never ending like a visit to the forest.  The trees all grow in the shape of an inverted heart reaching for the light.  Intrigued by the effect of moonlight in the forest I have highlighted tiny elements using Gold and Bronze Gutta to represent the glinting touch of moonlight on the flora and fauna amongst the growth.


Ideal Location – This piece would be perfect for a long entrance hallway or a long narrow space. As the piece hangs horizontally along the wall it will move with the draught created when walking past and will catch the light in different areas producing a welcoming glow.



This is an original piece of artwork by the artist. This piece will be ideal for a variety of interiors. It is ready to hang. 



This piece will be shipped at the end of the Togetherness exhibition taking place at our gallery at 13 Scot Lane in Doncaster. 


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