My works are like mirrors we are looking at. In Saturn the representation of myself in the deepest night could be everyone else, there is no difference between the work and the viewer, they're literally melting into each other. It's a story about insomnia, and how room and space get lost in this moments full of thoughts. The colors are shadowy and I feel them kind of heavy, even if they're light and soft. It's the representation of a non real space that no one reaches, but where everybody is already in.

This work of art is offered for sale as part of the longlisted works for the D31 art prize 2021. Additional shipping charges may occur, depending on the shipping location. (Framing can be discussed if required) . If you have questions about this work, please contact us to discuss. Worldwide shipping is available.

Saturn - Julia Runggaldier

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  • Julia Runggaldier

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