Marie Rayner

I love to paint. I love to show the beauty of flowers and at least how I interpret them, hope that they offer some pleasure and peace in our uncertain world.

When I start a painting I aim to show the characteristics of the flower but to emphasize the elements that draw me to it. These elements are the strength of vivid colours,bold shapes and interesting textures. My style has developed over a period of time and has become looser and more simple. I would describe this as having a defined dark outline around the flower and broad, flat brush strokes using thickly applied acrylics with a dry brush technique. Colour is usually bold and bright with areas of solid flat paint complimented with harmonious hues to create some depth and form. The results can sometimes be surprising and I feel that the flower in my painting takes on its own persona. Proud and unashamedly brash.

Tournesols - Marie Rayner

  • Marie Rayner

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